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Hiya all.

Thanks for visiting our webpage, check round the site and see what's happening in Tamworth and surrounds... The links page has interesting sites to visit from us for guys, girls and general...

So what are we about?

The Tamworth Area Gay and Lesbian Group is about arrnaging social events for the Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender community and their Family and Friends.

So, what are you waiting on? Sign up as a memeber, it's totally free to join and you receive notification of any updates on the site, events planned etc.

Whether you live in the city, country town or a property you can be a member.

We are looking at organising events in up and coming months that will include BBQs, Dinners, Games nights, Movie Nights, Camping, Coastal Trips etc. Some of these events will be free, others may be by donation, some may be a paid event. These will be clearly noted when organising them in the events calander.

Of course this will only really succeed with your help. That includes you advising of any parties or events that you would like more people to come along and join in.

Whilst the heading says Tamworth we consider ourselvdes open to all areas of NSW and SE Qld.

This group will be open to suggestions, comments from all and wil endeavour to put into place whatever is possible


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